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Yellow Grits

Yellow Corn Grits, also known as Polenta, are a popular breakfast food, especially in the Eastern and Southern states. Corn Grits make for a delightful hot cereal served with milk raw honey or brown sugar. It also adds wonderful texture and variety as a side dish in savory recipes.

White grits are traditional grits whereas Bob’s Red Mill yellow grits, or corn grits, are polenta. Therefore the moniker yellow grits are a little deceiving. Yellow grits were traditionally enjoyed as polenta throughout Italy and as grits in Southern cuisine before becoming a staple in many American households. Customarily grits can be made into a porridge, whereas polenta has a thicker cake-like consistency. You can cook it a hot cereal or left to cool and firm up to slice like a bread.

There is a difference between yellow grits, or polenta, and white grits known as hominy. Both are made by drying and then grinding corn. But yellow grits have a more robust flavor with a bit of sweetness. They are a coarser texture compared to white grits fine consistency. They are better as a cake but finicky to cook with.

Grits compliment many dishes when not eaten on their own as a hot cereal. They make a delicious addition to eggs and bacon or eggs and sausage breakfast. Pair them with meat, chicken or seafood. In the South, Shrimp and grits are one of a few popular dishes made with grits. Boil grits in milk or water, cool them, then slice and fry up the “cake” pieces. These cakes are enjoyable alone but also add texture and taste to many Italian and Southern dishes.

Our Bob’s Red Mill Corn Grits are non-GMO. Add our Non-fat Milk Powder for creamy, tasty grits.

Ingredients: Corn