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Tamari is different from a traditional soy sauce. It is gluten-free meaning it isn’t made with wheat the way soy sauce is customarily processed. Our wholesale tamari has only four ingredients: water, organic soybeans, salt, and organic alcohol to preserve freshness.

Tamari is deep brown and boasts natural umami flavor similar to regular soy sauce with less tang. The difference is it is thicker and less salty than soy sauce. Also, because of the higher soy protein count and the absence of wheat, tamari has a smoother, more robust flavor.


Wheat is the biggest difference between soy sauce and Tamari. Wheat is also a big no-no for those with celiac or gluten-sensitivity. With tamari, you don’t have to sacrifice your Asian recipes because of wheat. While soy sauce is often served alongside Japanese cuisine, you might not be aware that tamari originated in Japan and soy sauce originated in China.

Tamari, like soy sauce, starts with fermented soybeans. But they are processed differently. In soy sauce, fermented beans and wheat are pressed to release liquid. In Tamari, as the soybeans are cooked, wheat is not added to the mixture. This mixture is turned into miso paste and the liquid extracted from that mixture is the tamari. Our tamari sauce is not only gluten-free but also vegan and kosher.

Tamari isn’t just great in Asian cuisine. It can also be used to add that special umami flavoring to other recipes. It makes the perfect dipping sauce, teriyaki for chicken or beef, and tastes delectable in soups, stews, and stirfries. Cook with it or add to a recipe after cooking. Add it to roasted chickpeas or salads.

Maintain a bulk supply of tamari for all your favorite recipes. If wheat isn’t an issue, try our subtly-flavored white soy sauce too.


Ingredients: Water, Organic Soybeans, Salt, Organic Alcohol (to Preserve Freshness)