Shiitake Mushrooms

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Shiitake Mushrooms

Not all mushrooms deserve their place in the culinary world like the shiitake mushroom. Shitake mushrooms have their flavor profile unique from their cousins. The earthy, smokey flavor of the shiitake is popular in many cuisines. Captivatingly different from other ingredients in a recipe, mushrooms have their look, texture, and taste. No two mushrooms are alike.

Shiitake Mushroom caps are between 2 and 4 inches in size. In their dried form they are a little smaller. They are dark brown on top, with tan gills underneath. The rim of the dried shiitakes curls down toward the stem. An East Asia native, the shiitake is now cultivated all over the world. They have a fleshy texture and bold savory flavor with garlic notes.

Shiitakes are low-calorie fungi that grow on hardwood trees as the tree decays. They are a good source of vitamin B5 and B6. They also contain copper, manganese, zinc, folate, and vitamin D. Shiitakes are thought to boost your immune system, keep your heart healthy, lower cholesterol, and possibly protect against cancer.

The dried shiitake brings out a stronger umami flavor than when they are fresh. Umami, the 5th taste, hits your taste buds with a savory meaty flavor which makes mushrooms a perfect meat alternative.

Shiitakes meaty flesh and a full-bodied, bosky flavor make a great addition to soups, stews, pasta dishes, and stir-fry dishes. Soak the dried mushrooms in water to return them to their hydrated state. Saute them with garlic to top a buttery, tender steak. Dice it to top pizza or add to meat pies.

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Ingredients: Shiitake Mushrooms