Forest Mushroom Blend

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Forest Mushroom Blend

Dried mushrooms are the professional chef’s best kept secret ingredient. They add a deep and earthy complexity to soups, stocks and sauces without all the work of slow cooking. If you’ve ever thrown away expensive fresh mushrooms that have gone bad, you’ll appreciate the economy of Mount Hope Wholesale bulk Forest Mushroom Blend as much as the rich flavor. Dried mushrooms won’t spoil if kept dry. You can use them today, next week or a year from now without waste.

This mushroom blend contains several types of gourmet mushrooms including Chilean, Bolete, Oyster, porcini b, shiitake and wood ear. The combination of meaty, delicate and nutty flavors are beautifully balanced for use in all types of dishes.

To use our Forest Mushroom Blend, first soak about a tablespoon of dried mushrooms in a cup of boiling water until the mushrooms are plump and pliable – about 10 minutes. Chop the mushrooms or add them whole to your dish, but don’t throw out the soaking liquid. It’s a cup full of flavor. Add the liquid to soup stock, use it to make rice, couscous or risotto or use it as a braising liquid.

Dried mushrooms bring a bold umami flavor that complements meat, poultry and most vegetables. Make your own compound butter by finely chopping a handful of reconstituted mushrooms and stirring them into softened butter along with a dash of Mount Hope bulk Steak Seasoning. Use plastic wrap to roll the butter into a log and refrigerate until hard. Compound butter is delicious on steak or chops, but you can also use it to turn ho-hum hamburgers into a crave-worthy meal.

Mount Hope’s Wholesale bulk Forest Mushroom Blend is a versatile and economical addition to your pantry.

Ingredients: Chilean, Bolete, Oyster, Porcini B, Shiitake, Wood Ear