White Truffle Oil

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White Truffle Oil

White Truffle Oil brings luxury and taste to your senses. It is made from olive oil but not often used for cooking with high heats. Instead, white truffle oil is best as a finishing oil. Created by using the aroma of the Tuber Magnatum Pico, also known as White Truffle, it has an earthy flavor. It makes a succulent and savory addition to many dishes without adding truffles, which are costly on their own.

Delectable and rare white truffles are prized ingredients in Italian and French cuisine. They grow scarcely and are hard to find. Because of their high demand, they demand a high price for their inclusion in recipes. That’s what makes Mount Hope Wholesale inexpensive White Truffle oil infused with truffle oil aroma, or our Premium Gold White Truffle Oil infused with truffles, so fantastic. You get all the flavor with a much happier price.

White truffle oil has a lighter flavor than black truffle oil. That makes it an excellent complement for pasta dishes and risottos with or without mushrooms. Use it in vinaigrettes and marinades in place of other oils. Enhance almost any dish with a few drops of truffle oil including dishes that already contain mushrooms. While white truffle oil works best as a finishing oil, you can increase the flavor by adding it to recipes while cooking. Drizzle it over eggs, potatoes, and Quiché at brunch, or use in a truffle mayonnaise for dipping French fries. In most recipes, just a drop or two will do.

Mount Hope Wholesale bulk orders of White Truffle Oil is a cost-effective option for utilizing the White Truffle flavor in your recipes. Store White Truffle Oil tightly sealed in the refrigerator or a cool dark place as it loses its essence and aroma over time. We also have Truffle Sauce made with champignon mushrooms and summer truffles and Black Truffle Sea Salt to round out all your flavors.


Ingredients: Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Artificial and Natural Flavor