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Pecan, Halves Glazed

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Glazed Pecan Halves

Glazed Pecan Halves are a delicious treat with the decadent combination of a sweet and buttery richness and a satisfying crunch. Grab a quick handful to satisfy your sweet tooth on the go, or try them atop cookies or pies. Garnishing a salad with them will instantly turn it into your favorite part of the meal.

Glazed pecan halves are a perfect ingredient to keep on-hand to add a delightfully surprising touch to your favorite fall dishes and holiday baking. They would be perfect to add sophistication to a sweet potato dish, to decorate a pumpkin pie or a creamy creme brûlée, or to add on top of snickerdoodle cookie. A perfect ingredient to impress your guests on so many of your holiday favorites.

Ingredients: Sugar, Pecans, Butter, Salt, Honey, Soy lecithin
Allergens: Tree Nuts, Soy