Pistachio, Raw

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Raw Pistachios

The Pistachio is a very nutritionally loaded nut. They’re high in fiber and protein, as well as many minerals and B vitamins. Pistachios are also very versatile, used for lamb rubs, ice cream toppings, flavorings and everything in between.

It grows on a tree that originated in central Asia and the middle east, and has been commonly consumed as food for close to 9000 years, but some archeological evidence points to its consumption dating back 780,000 years (not a reflection of current shelf life!!). It is a desert plant and handles salty soil better than most. In fact, it’s pretty hardy overall, as long as they get enough sun and the soil drains well.

Our raw pistachios are shelled (though we do offer a roasted and salted in-shell variety) so their signature green color can shine through as much as possible. Enjoy them by the handful, or add them to a dish for a little extra texture, flavor, and visual flair.

Mount Hope also offers pistachios that have been roasted, accentuating their crunch and deepening the richness of their flavor. If you prefer a hint of salt, we have you covered there as well with our roasted and salted option.

Ingredients: Pistachios
Allergens: Tree Nuts