Pistachio, Roasted

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Roasted Pistachios

Pistachios are a member of the cashew family and are actually a seed from a fruit that grows in bundles similar to grapes. When they ripen, each pistachio shell splits, exposing the delicious nut inside. Most people refer to them as nuts for their rich, delicious nutty flavor. In some countries, pistachios are known as the happy, smiling nut because when the shell opens, it looks like a smiling face.

Roasted Pistachios are usually enjoyed as a healthy snack, mixed with other nuts and seeds to create a nutritional snack mix or added to both sweet and savory recipes. The green color comes from the natural plant pigment, chlorophyll that is the same pigment found in fruits and veggies like peas and celery.

Roasted pistachios add a depth of healthy flavor to pesto, pastries, sauces, pasta, soups, casseroles, cakes, candies, cookies, biscotti, granola, scones, breads and even hummus. Roasted pistachios can also be made into butter and enjoyed on toast and crackers. They can be tossed with salads, mixed in couscous and rice, rubbed on meats and fish and even added to ice cream, candy pies, and desserts. Roasted pistachios are often used as a beautiful garnish for their distinct texture and bright green color.

Pistachios are considered a nutritional powerhouse because they are rich in monounsaturated fats that support hearth health, lower bad cholesterol, improve blood pressure and reduce inflammation. This small but mighty nut also helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, is full of protein, fiber, copper, phosphorus, rich in phytosterol and manganese. Pistachios can aid in reduciong inflammation and are considered an overall healthy food.

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Ingredients: Pistachios, Sunflower Oil
Allergens: Tree Nuts