Sunflower Seed, Raw

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Raw Sunflower Seeds

Raw sunflower seeds have a mild nutty flavor and firm and tender texture giving them a light crunch. They contain vitamins such as Thiamin, Vitamin B and Folacin. A good source of calcium and packed with fiber, these seeds are also high in protein and good, healthy fats. Perfect for toppings on a salad or tossed in muffins. Mount Hope’s sunflower seeds, cultivated from the tall, yellow golden sunflower, are naturally gluten-free and unsalted making them a great addition to any recipe.

Sunflower seeds aren’t just for the birds! Humans have enjoyed these ¼ inch long edible seeds, known as the sunflower’s fruit, for thousands of years. The sunflower, first domesticated by Native Americans around 1000 BC. is a native North American plant. The seeds grow in a colorful variety of red, black, white and black/white striped on one single flower.

Sunflower seeds work well in many recipes for breakfast lunch or dinner. Some uses for sunflower seed include the following:

  • Ground bulk portions of raw unsalted and shelled sunflowers seeds into flour for baking or butter to replace peanut butter.
  • Substitute black sesame seed or chia seed in a variety of dishes.
  • Top bread, muffins, and bagels with these nutty-flavored seeds.
  • Add a texture and flavor to granola and oatmeal
  • Make a unique condiment on top of salads and soups
  • Add great flavor to vegetable dishes
  • Compliment them to pasta recipes.

Purchase individual or bulk orders of these versatile seeds. Mount hope sells them wholesale in 1 and 5 pound bags, or you can bulk order full cases. We also sell Roasted Sunflower Seeds seasoned with cottonseed or sunflower oil and salt. Check them out for a richer flavor profile.

Ingredients: Sunflower Kernels