Walnut, Halves (Whole)

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Whole Walnut Halves

Our whole walnut halves are plump and meaty with a light amber color. They add the crowning touch to your special baking projects, looking beautiful atop your pies and cakes. Our walnuts are fresh, succulent, and full of flavor. Perfect for a showy presentation.

The history of the walnut dates back further than any other tree food, all the way to 7000 BC. The very first walnuts came from Persia, being carted by merchants along the Silk Road from the Middle East to Asia, and eventually to England where English merchants scattered them across the globe, thus dubbing them “English Walnuts,” even though the English never actually grew walnuts themselves!

Our walnuts come from nearby sunny California, where they were originally brought to the state by Franciscan monks in the 1700s. If only those monks knew what a nutty beast they were creating by introducing walnuts to the region, as today California walnuts make up 99% of the U.S. walnut supply and the majority of the worldwide walnut trade!

If you need walnut pieces but don’t want to chop your own, we have you covered. Mount Hope Wholesale offers medium walnut pieces and smaller baker’s pieces, as well as a combination of halves and medium pieces.

Ingredients: Walnuts
Allergens: Tree Nuts