Peanut, Whole Blanched

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Whole Blanched Peanuts

We all know what a peanut is, but what, you may ask, is blanching? When peanuts are removed from their shells, they have a natural reddish skin. Blanching is the process of removing that skin by placing the peanut in hot water for a few minutes and then rubbing the skin off. The advantage of blanching is that un-blanched peanuts can be more difficult to work with. When making peanut butter or simply cooking with an un-blanched peanut, the skin can get in the way, or worse it can flake off and burn or give your dish an off putting look with red skin flakes all over the place. Blanching gives all your peanuts the uniform, famous peanut look we all know and desire.

All but one of our peanut varieties are blanched like this. If you want to keep the skin, check these raw skin-on peanuts.

Runner peanuts are all the same, medium sized kernel which allows for even roasting. This is why runner peanuts are the most commonly used peanut in peanut butter. Runner peanuts make up 80% of all peanuts harvested in the United States, and are a great source of protein, fiber, amino acids and healthy fats. Our Whole Blanched Peanuts come in one, five, and thirty pound cases. Enjoy them today!

Ingredients: Peanuts
Allergens: Peanuts