Cashew, Whole Roasted

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Whole Roasted Cashews

Originally native to Brazil, the Cashew kernel is one of the most well known and consumed nuts in the world. Whole roasted cashews are a great source of protein. A single serving provides 36% of your daily recommended allowance! In addition, that serving provides 13% of your fiber and is vitamin and mineral rich.

Cahews are a perfect snack for after a workout or when you’re entertaining guests. They’re also a fantastic compliment or primary ingredient in many dishes. Asian cuisine in particular, especially Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian dishes rely heavily on this ingredient.

These cashews are roasted with a dash of oil to give them that pleasantly addictive, subtly sweet buttery flavor all while maintaining their healthy figure. If you’re looking for a hint of salt, check out our whole roasted salted variety. Cashews are now farmed mostly in Nigeria, India, Vietnam and the Ivory Coast. Our delicious Cashews can be purchased in one or five pound bags, and for those with a real need for nuts, our twenty five pound case!

Ingredients: Cashews, Canola Oil
Allergens: Tree Nuts