Cashew, Whole Roasted Salted

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Whole Roasted Salted Cashews

Whole roasted salted cashews are a gift-worthy ingredient. Delicious, elegant and more affordable than you might assume when purchased in bulk from Mount Hope. Roasting deepens the unique flavor of the cashew and enhances the naturally creamy, buttery flavor. Just a kiss of salt is the perfect complement to make our wholesale cashews the perfect pre-workout snack or ingredient in both savory and sweet recipes. Cashews taste rich and fatty, but you may be surprised to learn they contain less fat than many other types of nuts.

Buying our wholesale roasted salted cashews is a smart idea for vegans and others trying to eat more plant-based proteins. Enjoy them alone or with Mount Hope dried cranberries as an energy boosting afternoon treat. Add whole roasted salted cashews to smoothies, homemade granola, salads and to add a bit of crunch to yogurt. Use bulk cashews in stir-fry dishes and specialty dishes like cashew chicken, dairy-free Alfredo sauce or cashew pesto. They are as versatile as they are delicious.

Did you know the cashew is related to the peach? It is actually in a family of foods known as drupes along with olives, coconuts and other stone fruit. What we call a nut is the seed of the “cashew apple,” a soft, juicy fruit that grows on the tropical cashew tree. A shell forms on the bottom of the apple that holds a toxic fluid and the delicious morsel we love to eat. Once the fluid is removed, the “nut” we recognize is safe to eat. Amazing!

Ingredients: Cashews, Canola Oil, Salt
Allergens: Tree Nuts