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Arborio Rice

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Arborio Rice

Arborio rice is a short-grained rice that is recognizable by its plump, oval shape. Each grain of Mount Hope bulk Arborio has the beautiful pearly white exterior fans of this high-starch rice expect to see. Originally grown in the Northern regions of Italy, and often called the pasta of Northern Italians, today Arborio is also cultivated in the U.S. The shorter milling time required for Arborio allows the rice to retain its natural starches, resulting in a creamy consistency once cooked.

The Italian rice dish known as risotto is the most common use for Arborio. There are as many variations of risotto as there are recipes for pasta. Risotto can be rich and complex with cheese, meat and heavy spices, light with simple ingredients and fresh vegetables or something in-between. By following a slow-cook method of continuously adding small portions of hot cooking liquid, the starch in Arborio rice creates a naturally creamy sauce even without the addition of butter. Though risotto may be the most well-known dish, it’s not the only way to use our wholesale Arborio. It thickens soup, makes creamy rice pudding and, once cooked, makes a superior binder for crab cakes, croquettes or vegetable fritters. You can even grind Mount Hope bulk Arborio in a spice grinder and use it to coat delicate pan-seared fish for a perfect crust.

Bulk Arborio from Mount Hope is a gluten-free product. No additives or preservatives are needed to maintain the integrity of the grains. Even with its high starch level, Arborio does not contain more carbohydrates per serving than other types of rice and can be substituted freely. Store as you would any other type of rice, in an airtight container away from moisture.

We also offer carnaroli rice, which is the other popular choice for making risotto. Carnaroli is slightly firmer when cooked, and has a longer grain.

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