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Jasmine Rice

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Jasmine Rice

Jasmine Rice is a fragrant, long-grain white rice with an aromatic, very soft and delicate flavor. Named after a flower, Jasmine rice has grown in Thailand for centuries and renowned for its silky texture, and sweet, nutty flavor. It is also known as Thai Hom Mali Rice and Thai Jasmine Rice. Although originally grown in Thailand, it is now cultivated in India and the United States. Jasmine rice is considered to have an excellent cooking quality because when it is cooked it has a distinct fluffiness and slightly sticky texture. Compared to another rice favorite, basmati rice, the grains of Jasmine Rice are shorter and thicker, too making it the perfect consistency for steaming so the water or broth is completely absorbed.

Chefs and foodies alike love Jasmine Rice and serve it with a variety of stir fry recipes or as a side dish with grilled meat, seafood, legumes, beans or a combination of veggies. It is also an excellent addition to soups, stews, and casseroles. Coconut milk and curry are ingredients that pair well with this fragrant rice. Cooked Jasmine rice can be frozen in an airtight container for up to three months.

White Jasmine Rice has few health benefits but it’s the exceptional taste and fragrance that makes it so popular. It does contain healthy carbohydrates and insoluble fiber and assists the digestion process.

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