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Wild Rice

“Nutty” and “savory” instantly pop up in any discussion of wild rice. Texture is equally important in the enjoyment of this aquatic grass seed, the only truly American cereal grain. Not a close relative of white or brown rice, wild rice has an al dente texture that makes it a standout ingredient in salads, soups, stuffings, even desserts.

The Great Lakes region of North America is the epicenter of production. Growing up to 12 feet high, the aquatic grain thrives in chilly, shallow lakes and rivers. According to legend, the Great Spirit told the Ojibwa and Chippewa nations they would find new homes by heading west until they saw food growing on water. They complied, ending up in places like Minnesota, where the food growing on water became a high-protein staple of their diet. Traditionally, the grain should grow wild and be hand-harvested from canoes.

Although traditional harvesting methods persist to this day, much of wild rice production in the United States and Canada has been domesticated (with dikes and manmade flooding) and mechanized. Indeed, Native American tribes, in an effort to augment areas of wild rice growth, launched their own domestication effort centuries ago, by seeding likely waterways with clay balls packed with wild rice harvested from other areas.

Because of its high fiber content, wild rice promotes gastrointestinal health and reduces harmful LDL cholesterol. It’s also packed with B vitamins, especially folic acid, essential to basic cellular maintenance and repair. Wild rice’s phosphorus content can help build strong bones, while its Vitamin C helps boost immunity. According to promising new research, the Native American grain may also help manage type II diabetes.

Mount Hope Wholesale offers wild rice – a rich dark brown to black in color – in bulk quantities: in 5-pound bags and 25-pound sacks. We also offer a wild rice medley.

Ingredients: Wild Rice