Wild Rice Medley – Organic

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Wild Rice Medley


Our wild rice medley contains a blend of sweet brown rice, long grain brown rice, wehani, wild rice bits, and black japonica. This flavorful and colorful rice combination delights your senses and provides a nice alternative to traditional white or brown rice dishes. The sweet brown rice has a shorter grain than traditional brown rice. After cooked, it remains chewy and thick on the inside, while the outside shell maintains its shape. The long grain brown rice remains separated after cooking and provides additional fiber for healthy digestion. Wehani has a distinct brown-red color and is considered a whole grain rice. Once cooked, wehani remains slightly chewy. The wild rice bits increase the protein benefits of this wild rice medley while also adding nutrients and antioxidants. Black japonica rice also increases the protein and antioxidant benefits of this bulk rice medley. In addition, the black japonica rice adds a sweet, nutty flavor to the dish.

Serve this wild rice medley as a side dish with meats such as chicken, steak, or pork. The rice provides a nice alternative to potato-based side dishes and increases the fiber content of your meals. Or, turn the wild rice medley into a meal of its own by adding our kidney beans, black beans, or cannellini beans for a delicious vegetarian option. The wild rice medley can also be served cold combined with vinegar or other favorite salad dressings. Or, place the rice medley in the slow-cooker or rice-cooker with your favorite seasonings for an easy pairing with dinner.

Our wild rice medley is available in two bulk sizes. At wholesale prices, purchase a 5-pound bag or a 25-pound sack to enhance your favorite rice-based dishes. If you are feeling limited by white and brown rice, step outside the box and into the colorful world of our wild rice medley. The red, brown, and black colors may provide inspiration on ways to enhance your daily menu options and can also be added to soups for a delicious noodle-alternative. Stock up on the wild rice medley today and enjoy a full season of delicious recipes. 

Ingredients: Long Grain Brown Rice, Sweet Brown Rice, Wild Rice Bits, Wehani, Black Japonica