Sea Salt, Hawaiian Alaea

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Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt

Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt is the traditional Hawaiian sea salt mixed with a purified volcanic red clay giving it a hypnotic crystalized red color. Hawaiian Sea Salt, like all seat salt, is non-processed and rich in trace minerals directly sourced from the seawater. Alae is an iron-oxidated Hawaiian red clay that enriches the sea salt and gives it the red hue. It’s a sacred clay that was used for cleansing and healing throughout Hawaiian culture.

Hawaiian Alaea has a robust, bold flavor perfect for seasoning and preserving food. It has been used in Hawaiian cuisine for millenia. Before modern-day production, Hawaii natives created their own sea salt by hand by digging saltpans into Alaea clay. As seawater evaporated and the salt mixed with the red clay giving it the distinct color and flavor known today.

Today, salt matters and members of the Salt Masters Guild of Hawaii, an organization dedicated to old-world salt making practices, supervise the painstaking Hawaiian sea salt harvesting process making sure to preserve as much of the ancient process as possible. Unlike table salt, sea salt is not heated and processed to remove all its electrolytes, elements, and minerals. It’s pulled from salt pools after natural evaporation occurs.

Salt is a staple in nearly every recipe and on every home or restaurant table. Hawaiian natives use Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt to preserve meat, fish, and pork. It has a lower sodium content than table salt making it a little healthier in your recipes. It’s the best salt to use with any Hawaiian inspired dish such as Hawaiian shrimp, Lau Lau pork, and pulled pork with pineapple.

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Ingredients: Sea Salt And Purified Red Clay