Sea Salt, Hawaiian Black

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Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

There is a variety of sea salts and more than one type that comes from Hawaii, but few match the distinct flavor of Hawaiian Black Sea Salt. Hawaiian Black Sea Salt is pure Pacific Ocean sea salt from Hawaii with premium activated charcoal and ocean electrolytes. Sea salt crystals are cut larger than table salt. The size of the crystals along with the striking black color makes this sea salt a visually enticing addition to your tablescapes. Trace minerals, electrolytes and a hint of minerals give sea salt its complex flavor.

Sea salt is different from table salt not only in its size but also in taste, texture and how it’s processed. While all salt has the same basic nutritional values, sea salt is created through evaporation with little processing. The Pacific Ocean, where this salt comes from on the shores of Hawaii is as pristine as any ocean can be. This sea salt is created using solar evaporation from pools that naturally form around the volcanic rock. Traditional Hawaiian Sea salt brick red hue. It is the activated charcoal in the Hawaiian Black Sea Salt that gives it the shiny black color. Activated charcoal has detoxifying effects by acting like a sponge to pull impurities out of the body.

This rich and crunchy sea salt makes a delightful and intense finishing salt that is not only for traditional Hawaiian dishes. Our Hawaiian Black Sea Salt holds up nicely in strong-flavored dishes, sauces, and roasts. It is fabulous as a finishing salt on grilled steak, chicken and fish. Sprinkle it on sushi, teriyaki chicken, salads, foie gras, and vegetables.

Keep wholesale Hawaiian Black Sea Salt in bulk and add a delectable flavor to all your savory recipes.

Ingredients: Natural Pacific Sea Salt, Premium Activated Charcoal, Ocean Electrolytes, Trace Minerals and Elements