Allspice, Powder

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Allspice Powder

Allspice may be the unsung superhero of the spice rack. Like other ingredients in the world of spices, people are often surprised when they learn the origins of what is now a pantry staple. Allspice is the unripe dried berry of the Pimento tree, also known as the Jamaican pepper tree, indigenous to the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico. The term allspice is the perfect name because the flavors of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, juniper berries and peppercorn are all combined in one tiny berry.

Purchasing Mount Hope Allspice powder in bulk is a convenient way to use this ingredient, but for those who prefer to grind their own, we also offer whole dried allspice berries at wholesale prices. Ground or whole, allspice deserves a place in your pantry. It is one of the most versatile flavorings around, at home in both sweet and savory dishes. Allspice is what gives Jamaican jerk seasoning its unique taste, and it adds depth of flavor to plain pumpkin pie. Use powdered allspice in soups and stews, for pickling and to season meats. It can also be your secret ingredient for signature dishes like chili, barbecue sauce or homemade spice rub. Add allspice to your favorite sugar cookie recipe to create something special or sprinkle it on fruit salad. It is especially delicious with apples and stone fruits. Feel free to experiment with allspice. Any dish that calls for warm spices like clove and cinnamon is a good candidate for allspice.

Don’t be confused, Allspice is not a combination of many spices. It is a single spice with a complex flavor profile. Mount Hope bulk powdered allspice contains one ingredient: ground allspice berries.

Ingredients: Allspice