Cayenne (40,000 Heat Units)

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Cayenne pepper with a heat rating of 40,000 Scoville units, is a moderate hot pepper that produces a strong biting flavor. This long, skinny red pepper tapers off at the end and comes in many varieties. Cayenne pepper powder has a robust kick that works well to spice up and add unique zing to a wide variety of dishes.

The Scoville test, developed in 1912 by Wilbur L. Scoville, requires a panel of tasters to determines the heat level in chili peppers. Most cayenne pepper range between 30,000 and 50,000 on this scale. The spiciness comes from the natural capsaicin that occurs in the pepper. A habanero chili pepper, for example, has a heat rating of 300,000 Scoville but a sweet pepper has a Scoville rating of zero.

The cayenne pepper shares its name from a town on the North-East coast in South America where the pepper was first discovered. Although there is some contention over whether the town is named after the pepper, or if the pepper is named after the town. First dried, then ground, Cayenne pepper powder is often a mix of subtle variations of the same plant.

Consuming cayenne has many health benefits. This pepper boosts immunity, suppresses appetite, burns fat, aids metabolism, and improves cardiovascular health. The spiciness is great for getting rid of congestion, too.

Dried cayenne pepper powder is a perfect addition to many recipes. Use it in roasted vegetables with lemon juice. Mix into a burger seasoning. Add it to pasta dishes and sauces. It also gives a kick to hot cocoa and desserts like chocolate truffles.

Mount hope has one and five pound bags of 40k heat unit Cayenne for convenient stocking of kitchens both large and small. For an even bigger bite, try our unusually hot organic 90k Cayenne. Used sparingly, these spices are perfect for adding heat and flavor to all sorts of dishes.

Ingredients: Cayenne Pepper