Salt, Himalayan Pink Coarse

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Himalayan Pink sea salt

One of the most well-known and loved sea salts, Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt, is a must-have in your kitchen. Sea salt is a mineral often referred to as a spice. Unlike spice that grows like a plant, Himalayan Pink sea salt is a naturally occurring mineral from the salt pools of the Himalayan Mountains. Ancient sea beds endowed with this special salt formed during the Jurassic era 250 million years ago offering a fascinating view of the tiny crystals packed with minerals.

This salt has been used throughout history as a preservative and food seasoning. It made an excellent and valuable item for trade, due to its mineral content and ability to preserve food for long periods.  It isn’t as difficult to extract sea salt from the Himalayan Mountains now as it was many years ago, but it is still harvested by hand.

Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt, with its range of pink crystals from white to red, tastes just like its namesake; salty. The iron oxide content ads a subtle sweetness. While the taste may not be very different from white sea salt or table salt the mineral content is. The coarseness of the mineral-rich crystals makes it easier to determine how much salt you are adding to your dish. It also contains less sodium per portion than processed table salt.

Keep bulk orders of the gourmet Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt in your home or professional kitchen as it can be used in any savory or sweet dish. It goes just as well with marinades as it does with chocolate. Grill with it, roast with it and bake with it.

In a pinch, you can substitute Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt with our wholesale course white sea salt or add some distinctive flavor with black truffle sea salt.

Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Sea Salt