Mustard, Yellow Ground

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Ground Yellow Mustard

The mustard seed is a pungent spice from the family of mustard plants. There are three different plants, each producing seeds of different color. our ground yellow mustard comes from teh Sinapis alba plant. Mustard seeds are commonly combined with other spices for seasoning, marinades, pickling and heightening the flavor of meats. I invigorates poultry, gravies, and side dishes as well as combining with vinegar for the classic condiment.

The whole seeds appear in a range of colors, from light beige or yellow to light brown. However, when ground a consistent yellow color is achieved. This is the mustard variety that the traditional yellow mustard condiment comes from, and these seeds have the mildest flavor and pungency of the mustard family. Mount hope also carries the harder to cultivate black mustard seeds, but not ground.

Purchasing ground yellow mustard powder in bulk is a phenomenal way to save money and time. It’s packaged fresh and will remain potent for many months when sealed. Thus, you will always have enough on hand to use in your favorite recipes. Ground mustard is great to use in batters for fried dishes like fish and onion rings to add a punch of zest to the coating.

We have one and five pound bags to supply kitchens of all sizes. And if you’re looking for whole yellow mustard, we have that too. Whether using your ground mustard for seasoning or creating your own gourmet batch of fresh mustard, Mount Hope will ensure you get the best wholesale pricing available, while never compromising quality or taste.

Ingredients: Mustard