Mustard, Yellow Whole Seed

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Yellow Mustard Seed

Tiny and odorless, this round, unassuming seed could easily be overlooked. But don’t let the yellow mustard seed’s appearance deceive you.

Toasted, these seeds release a sharp, nutty essence and a crunch that absolutely explodes with flavor. Use it as a garnish on bold dishes that can stand up to the spice’s strength. (Think: butter sauces, rich steaks!) Or: grind the seed, add it to a liquid base, throw in your favorite spices and voila — homemade mustard. The perfect handcrafted finishing touch to your burgers and sausage dishes. Even try pickled! This seed adds a tang to all of your dressings…but don’t stop at just vegetables; potato and chicken salads with a mustard zing transform the simple to standout.

This is the perfect spice to experiment with because its bold versatility thrives in flavor contrast and compliment. Get creative, this spice can take it!

Rich in omega-3, the oil seed boasts many health benefits as well. High in protein and fiber, it is a great source of iron, zinc, manganese, and calcium.

Although this variation of the seed is plenty bold, if you’re looking for something more intense, check out our whole black mustard seed. The black variation of the mustard seed is considered hotter and spicer than it’s white/yellow counterpart, making it a staple in Indian and other South East Asian cuisines.

Mount Hope Wholesale conveniently packs whole yellow mustard seeds in one and five pound bags.

Ingredients: Mustard Seeds