Italian Seasoning

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Italian Seasoning

Italian seasoning is a convenient way to add the classic Italian flavor profile to any dish. Having the right herbs pre-mixed in the right proportions saves time and waste in the kitchen. No need to locate and measure from several different containers, with Mount Hope’s Italian herb blend you can easily measure the perfect amount of flavoring to your recipe every time. Our blend contains only carefully curated dried spices: basil, savory, thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano, and marjoram.

Italian seasoning is a go-to product for making a quick Italian salad dressing or flavoring pizza sauce, but there’s so much more it can do. Use our delicious herb blend to season butter for vegetables or combine it with Mount Hope garlic granules for making garlic bread. Sprinkle it on freshly cooked French fries for an unexpected burst of flavor or use it to season fish or chicken. Our unique blend of herbs and spices will add zip to your Bloody Mary and irresistible flavor to savory breads, crusts and dinner rolls. Once you begin using Mount Hope wholesale Italian herb blend you’ll be amazed at how versatile it is.

Historically, many herbs and spices were used in cooking for their health benefits as much as for their flavor. Basil, one of the most popular Italian herbs, adds a fresh taste that pairs well with tomato and cheese, but it was also valued for its antibacterial properties. Though many Americans reserve sage for seasoning the Thanksgiving turkey, it has been enjoyed in Italian cuisine for centuries and appreciated as a natural anti-inflammatory. Of course, today no one depends on herbs and spices to stay healthy, but it’s good to know at least some of the things that make our food delicious are also good for us.

Ingredients: Oregano, Basil, Savory, Marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage