Lemon Peel, Granules

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Lemon Peel Granules

If the thought of lemon makes your mouth water in anticipation, but you do not want to rush to the store every time you need lemon zest, try lemon peel granules. They contain the zest of lemons and you can keep a bag on hand for all your lemon recipes. Add these granules into your lemon bread recipes for flavor bursts without having to spend time zesting a lemon. Or make your own chicken rub by combining the lemon peel granules with coarse black pepper for cooking on the barbeque on summer evenings. You can also create other marinades for your meat-based meals by combining lemon granules with soy sauce and your favorite spices. Lemons are not used only for desserts, but lemon cakes, poppy-seed muffins, and strawberry lemon cookies will bring return customers to your dessert table.

When searching for a new citrus flavor for your smoothies or teas, try adding lemon peel granules. Having a bulk supply of these on hand will save you preparation time and add a touch of sweetness to many of your favorite drinks, desserts, and marinades. Lemon peels are a good source of fiber and vitamin C, so they also add to your healthy eating plans. A bag full of the granules will not spoil as fast as a natural lemon, and your bulk supply will easily keep in the refrigerator.


Consider a wholesale purchase of lemon peel granules so you can strive to complete a variety of new and old lemon-based recipes. Pull out your grandparent’s cookbook and reinvent a lemon bundt cake with powdered sugar drizzling icing. Or add a handful to lemonade, pour the liquid into an ice tray, and freeze it for a hydrating summer afternoon snack. You will continue to find numerous ways to use the lemon peel granules so stock up on these 1-pound bags today.

Ingredients: Lemon Peel Granules, May Contain Sodium Sulfite