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Onion Granules

Onion granules are a cook’s best friend. These pungent, savory dried bits of real onion provide the deep taste you want without the tears and smelly fingers from chopping fresh onions. Mount Hope Wholesale’s bulk granulated onion is made from a selection of varieties to provide a balance of sweet, hot, sharp and tangy flavors that will enhance your favorite dishes.

Onion granules are ideal for sauces, gravies and other dishes where you might want the flavor but not the texture of the fresh vegetable. It’s wonderful for seasoning meat, chicken, casseroles, soups and stews. Using granulated onion in a recipe instead of raw onion allows you to replicate the dish more precisely. Fresh onions can taste differently from season to season. Even those purchased at the same time may not taste exactly the same. Onion granules are more consistent in flavor, and easier to precisely measure, delivering the same reliable flavor profile from recipe to recipe.

Granulated onion also works well as a table-top seasoning. Try sprinkling a little on a baked potato, in salad dressings, on hot vegetables or on cooked rice to bump up the flavor without adding fat or calories. Onion powder and minced onion from Mount Hope are similar to onion granules, however, onion powder is much more finely ground and minced (or chopped) is large flakes.

Onions (Allium cepa) are in the amaryllis family along with leek, shallot, green onions and garlic. They are hardy plants that can grow almost anywhere, but onions cultivated in a warm climate tend to be milder and sweeter. Nutritionally speaking, onions don’t have a lot to offer, but what they lack in vitamins they make up for in flavor.

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