Onion, Powder

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Onion Powder

This critical seasoning is just what the name says, dehydrated onions ground down into a fine powder. It’s a perfect way to add a potent onion flavor to a dish that you don’t want onion liquid or fragments in. It also allows you to bypass the process of chopping or otherwise handling an onion, in case you didn’t feel like crying that day.

Use it sparingly, however, as most consider the flavor of this concentrated form to be around ten times that of a fresh onion. Onion powder isn’t just perfect as an onion replacing ingredient. You can use it as a dry rub on meat, or to add a splash of zest to gravies, soups, and sauces. For those of you with children as picky eaters, you can use powder to add that onion flavor without them complaining “Mom! There’s onions in this!!” Be sure you always keep your it stored air tight, so it doesn’t clump.

Our onion powder is exceptionally fine. If you’d prefer a coarser option, try our granules or minced onion flakes.You can buy our delicious onion powder in one and five pound bags.

Ingredients: Onion