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Zahtar is a spice blend originating from the Middle East. Similar to garam masala, the exact combination of herbs and spices in zahtar can vary according to region and the personal preferences of the chef. Mount Hope bulk zahtar contains a well-balanced combination of spices, salt and sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are crucial to the flavor and texture of the seasoning mix. They also add protein and healthy mono-unsaturated fatty acids to the mixture, giving it more nutritional value than just a blend of spices. Zahtar is commonly used as a condiment to spread on bread or crackers or to flavor plain yogurt, hummus, meat, poultry, potatoes and vegetables at the table.

Though it sounds exotic, the flavor profile of zahtar is savory and familiar. Thyme is a major component of Mount Hope bulk zahtar, and any dish that would be enhanced by the woodsy, herby flavor of thyme is a good candidate for zahtar. Use it as a rub to season chicken before grilling or toss cauliflower steaks with a sprinkle of zahtar and olive for a delicious vegan treat. You can also improve every-day snacks like popcorn or toasted nuts with a dash of this spice blend. Or mix zahtar into sour cream for an easy dip for chips or a raw vegetable tray.

Of course, zahtar is a must-have ingredient for Middle Eastern cuisine. Dishes that feature lentils, chick peas, pomegranate arils, feta cheese, or preserved lemons will most likely be complemented by the traditional flavors of zahtar.

Keep our wholesale zahtar spice blend in your pantry even if you don’t specialize in Mid-Eastern cooking, It can add a fresh boost of flavor to go-to recipes that have become a little tired and just may encourage some delicious new experiments in the kitchen.

Ingredients: Spices, Sesame Seeds, Salt, Canola Oil