Sesame Seed, Hulled

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White Sesame Seeds

Small, smooth and unassuming. White sesame seeds may appear unimpressive, but truly, they are anything but.

The seed’s ancient roots lay the foundation for this culinary delight. First domesticated in the Indian subcontinent 5500 years ago, the sesame seed is mentioned in early Hindu texts and historically noted in Egypt and Babylon! It’s nutty flavor, distinct and rich, make it a staple in a variety of global cuisines. It’s delicate crunch adds an extra layer of dimension to baked goods when sprinkled over bagels or breads. Beautifully garnish your braised vegetables or subtlety texturize your salad dressing. The white sessame seed even has a faint sweetness that lends itself effortlessly to desserts — try it as an unexpected addition to ice cream!

Sesame seeds are an oilseed, and because of their high oil content, they have a remarkably long shelf life. Also, you can use the oily seed to accentuate the actual sesame oil that is used in so many Asian dishes. But beyond the delightful taste sensations, sesame seeds also provide a whole host of nutritional value. Rich in B vitamins and a wide variety of dietary minerals (zinc, magnesium and iron being some of the most prominent), they also are high in protein and fiber. It’s no wonder this seed has maintained prominence over the millennia.

Mount Hope packages these dynamic seeds in one and 5 pound bags, convenient for most kitckens. If you’re big consumer of sesame though, we can also get you a full case. We also offer several other varieties of the seed. If our hulled white sesame seeds aren’t what you’re after, check out our black sesame seeds, toasted white, and pre-blended tuxedo option.

Ingredients: Sesame Seeds