Sesame Seed, Tuxedo

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Tuxedo Sesame Seed Blend

Sesame seeds add texture, nutrition and unique flavor to a dish. But which is better, black or white sesame seeds? With Mount Hope bulk tuxedo sesame seed blend, you don’t need to decide. Our tuxedo mix is visually appealing and adds a sprinkling of sophistication to your presentation, but tuxedo sesame seeds are much more than just a culinary pretty face. The mixture of black and white seeds results in a more interesting flavor profile and mouth feel. The combination is a play of sweet, creamy, bitter, buttery and crunchy that’s perfect for making breads, crackers, noodle dishes, dip, dressings and more.

Black sesame seeds are unhulled and retain their natural dark coloring. White sesame seeds are the inner part of a seed after this hull (or skin-like shell) has been removed. Prior to processing, these seeds may have brown, red or black hulls. The unhulled black seeds contain more calcium, are crispier and have a slightly bitter flavor. Hulled seeds are softer, sweeter and nuttier. Traditionally, black sesame seeds have been preferred in Asian cuisine while the milder, white seeds are favored in Middle Eastern dishes such as hummus. Together, the blend of white and black seeds gives you the best of both.

Mount Hope wholesale Tuxedo Sesame Seed blend is mainly recommended for use in savory dishes. While White Sesame Seeds are not an uncommon ingredient in desserts and candies, the strong flavor of black seeds may not combine well with delicate sweets. When stored properly in a container with a tight-fitting lid, sesame seeds have a long shelf life, staying fresh for up to four years. They are an ideal product for bulk purchase whether you are running a busy restaurant or a busy home kitchen.

Ingredients: Black Sesame Seeds, Hulled Sesame Seeds