Urfa Biber Chile Flakes


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Urfa Biber Chile Flakes Now Available

Mount Hope now carries Urfa Biber chile flakes. The Urfa Biber chile takes its name from the Urfa region of Turkey where it hails from, but is also sometimes called the isot pepper. It’s a red pepper, but ends ups with a deep purplish or even purplish black color when processed. The processing involves two steps, sun drying during the day, and ‘sweating’ at night. This involves tightly wrapping the peppers when the temperature cools, which traps and keeps some of the moisture in the flesh.

Urfa Biber flakes aren’t particularly hot (about 7,500 Scoville units). They’re in the ballpark of jalapeño or guajillo, and that heat builds up slowly. We have them in 1lb bags and they’re in stock now.

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