Introducing Razz Cranberries

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There were some big shoes to fill when Razz Cherries stopped being manufactured. They’d been a signature product for Mount Hope for years, and losing them was a hard pill to swallow. Razz cherries were dried cherries imbued with the flavor of raspberry, and they weren’t just a signature product for us either. Many of our customers counted on their unique flavor to put the finishing touch on their salads and desserts. We carry two other scrumptious cherry varieties that are also very popular, Bing and Tart, but there was something extraordinary about that raspberry infusion.

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Razz Cranberries to the Rescue

After months of searching, we feel we’ve finally found a worthy successor. In fact, we’re so pleased with this new find that we’re willing to share the name of our old favorite. We’re excited to announce the addition of Razz Cranberries to our lineup of dried fruits.

Razz Cranberries are virtually identical in appearance to typical dried cranberries, same average size and same color. They start in the mouth a bit sweeter than typical cranberries and have the distinctive flavor of raspberry, but the trademark tartness of the cranberry follows right behind. In our opinion here at Mount Hope, we think they exceed the deliciousness of the Razz Cherries. The tartness adds a little complexity that makes the over all taste much more interesting.

We also find the size of these to be a little more flexible than the Razz Cherry had been. Since cranberries are smaller than cherries, they’ll go into baked goods more easily. But they’re not so small that they can’t stand on their own atop a couple scoops of ice cream. They’re sightly smaller diameter also sits more naturally next to some Sunflower Seeds and Super Sweet Corn on top of a chopped salad. Try them in sauces, custom trail mixes, and granola too.

Razz Cranberries are made with Craberries, sugar, sunflower oil, and natural fruit flavors. There are no preservatives or colorings added. Mount Hope Wholesale is selling them in 1 and 5 pound bags, and they’re ready for you to try right away.