Pineapple, Diced

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Diced Pineapple

At Mount Hope Wholesale our dried diced pineapple packs a deliciously flavorful punch. With a sweet yet mildly tart flavor profile, these dried diced pieces are easy to use in many recipes from salsas to baked goods. Pineapples are a good source for Vitamins C and A. They are packed with healthy enzymes, fiber, and antioxidants.

Dried diced pineapple contains only three ingredients; pineapple, cane sugar and citric acid. Fresh pineapple is first dried and then sweetened with cane sugar to enhance the delectable natural sweetness and fruity flavor. To preserve the fruit and increase its shelf-life, Citric Acid is added.

Did you know, while a pineapple looks like one big fruit, the plant is actually hundreds of tiny fruits clustered together? They also take almost two years to grow and harvest making them literal a fruit of labor.

Pineapples have many health benefits for your entire body. Loaded with fiber, they aid in regulating digestion. This fruit is thought to help fight the common cold making them a great flu season treat. They contain manganese for bone health and strong teeth and protect gum health. Great for healthy vision, eating pineapple might delay eye-diseases caused by aging.

While you can eat dried diced pineapples by the handful like candy, we prefer to add them to cereals, trail mixes, desserts, and other recipes. They make a great replacement for fresh fruit in many baked goods without adding any additional moisture that might throw off the baking process. Also, mix them with other dried fruits like our most popular cranberries or apricots.

With their addictiveness, this mouthwatering addition to recipes means you’ll want to keep plenty on hand. At Mount Hope Wholesale you can purchase smaller one and five pound bags, or go big with full cases.

Ingredients: Pineapple, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid