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Organic Rye Flour

Our organic rye flour is made using dark rye berries. These plump, robust berries are loaded with intense flavor that pairs equally well with other powerful flavors. Rye flour creates a distinctly sour note and a fresh earthy flavor on your tongue when baked into a hearty, chewy bread. Yet it’s known as an underrated grain compared to it’s other more popular cousins.

Rye is an edible grass from the cereal grains along with barley, wheat, sorghum, and millet. Cereal grains have three parts: bran, germ, and endosperm. This type of rye flour contains nutritious elements from both the germ and the bran. The germ and the bran are what make it a whole grain.

Most of the world’s rye supply grows in Eastern and Central Europe but some of it also comes from Asia, the US in places like New York, and Canada. Rye, unlike wheat, grows in varied weather conditions making it a strong and sturdy grain. Rye is usually planted in winter for a spring crop, called winter rye seeds. The crop is used for many things from baking and cereals to whisky and beer.

Rye bread is denser than wheat bread and this type of bread is best baked on a stone in a hot oven, or hearth, to provide that crackle finished crust that works with the chewy inside of the bread. It’s also more nutritious with higher bran and protein.

Rye is the perfect grain for an old-world style rye bread, sometimes called peasant-style. Its distinctive flavor is a base for sourdough bread. Keep your sourdough starter going strong for years with this Rye flour.

Non-organic (or ‘conventional’) medium rye flour is also available.

Our wholesale organic rye flour is available in 2 lb bags as well as 25 and 50 lb bulk sacks.


Ingredients: Organic Whole (Dark) Rye
Allergens: Gluten