Hazelnut, Whole Blanched
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Hazelnut, Whole Blanched

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Blanched Whole Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts, also commonly referred to as filberts, originated in Turkey and southern Europe, and have spread throughout the world because of their popularity. Blanched hazelnuts go through a process to remove their darker skin which is preferable for cooking and baking. Use blanched hazelnuts in your banana bread, brownies, and cookie recipes, or as a decorative element on top of a cheesecake or torte. They also offer a beautiful finishing touch to side dishes like orzo, couscous, and brussel sprouts, along with adding a sophisticated detail to more traditional salads. Whole blanched hazelnuts are a great ingredient to keep stocked in your kitchen for when you want to take your dishes from drab to delicious!

Ingredients: Hazelnuts
Allergens: Tree Nuts