Walnut, Halves Glazed

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Glazed Walnuts

Ancient Romans referred to walnuts as “Jupiter’s Acorn,”” and once you try our mouthwatering glazed walnut halves, you’ll know why. If you’re looking for something sweet, delicious and healthy then look no further! Our Glazed Walnut Halves explode with irresistible flavor. These nuts are kettle-cooked in an exquisite mixture of sugar and honey, creating a mouthwateringly crisp, buttery texture with a deep nutty flavor. Unlike other kettle cooked food you may find out there, our Glazed Walnut Halves offer some important nutrients as well!

Our glazed walnuts are chock-full of fiber, protein and omega-3. These nutrients are proven to assist with many health issues, from obesity to blood pressure to cholesterol. Enjoy these savory nuts with abandon as a snack, dessert topper, or holiday party dish. You’ll have to search long and hard to find anything as enjoyable, heart healthy, and sweet!

If you’re looking for the healthy impact of the walnut without the sweet, we also carry small chopped baker’s pieces, medium walnut pieces, combined halves and pieces, and whole walnut halves.

Ingredients: Walnuts, Sugar, Honey, Salt, Roasted in Cottonseed and/or Peanut Oil
Allergens: Tree Nuts, Peanuts