Cashew, Pieces Roasted Salted

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Roasted Salted Cashew Pieces

Roasted salted cashew pieces are packed full of buttery flavor and savory satisfaction. They are great in nut mixes, to use as a garnish on your favorite dips, to add interest to a salad, or to just snack on by the handful. They’re already the perfect size to sprinkle over a dish, so you can save the effort of chopping them up. Just toss a handful on as a finishing touch to your favorite recipes.

Many people commonly mistake cashews as nuts, but they are technically the seeds of cashew apples. They do have a consistency, size and flavor similar to nuts though so for all intents and purposes they can be thought of as such. Complete with healthy minerals and beneficial monounsaturated fats that can help reduce heart disease, cashews are a delicious option for increasing the nutritional value of your favorite dishes. Not to mention, the deliousness value!

These oil roasted and salted pieces are our most popular cashew variety, but we have a few more. Check out our raw or roasted only pieces if still want the convenient size of these pieces. We also carry the same three preparations of whole cashew, as well as a spice chile lime cashew.

Ingredients: Cashews, Canola Oil, Salt
Allergens: Tree Nuts