Cashew, Whole Raw

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Whole Raw Cashews

Cashews are considered by many to be the most delicious nuts on earth. And it’s no wonder! With a creamy texture and buttery flavor, the kidney bean-shaped whole raw cashews are both tasty and versatile. Cashews have a slightly sweet and naturally salty taste that goes well with both sweet and savory dishes. Though they taste rich, cashew nuts actually have less fat than many other types of nuts, making them an excellent choice for a high-protein snack.

If you’re trying to incorporate more plant-based protein in your diet, eat more healthy fats or simply enjoy trying new dishes, our cashews can help. Pair them with Mount Hope dark raisins for a nutritious snack, make your own cashew milk, grind them to make a vegan mayonnaise or use whole cashews for vegan ricotta cheese. And of course they’re a necessity for classic recipes like cashew chicken or homemade granola.

The cashew is also one of the most interesting nuts on the planet. Technically, it’s a drupe – a fruit with a hard-shelled seed inside of it like a peach or an olive. But the cashew is even unique among drupes. A single shell grows from the bottom of a “cashew apple,” which is not a true apple but more of a juicy, pulpy swelling that forms in the branches of a cashew tree. The shell holds a toxic fluid that must be removed before the jewel inside – the cashew – is safe to eat. The cashew tree is a tall evergreen tree that thrives in tropical growing zones.

Raw cashews are lower in omega-3 fatty acids than walnuts or almonds, but they are high in protein and contain 0.09 grams dietary fiber per one ounce serving. We also offer a variety of roasted and salted cashews and pieces.

Ingredients: Cashews
Allergens: Tree Nuts