Black Rice

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Black Rice

Black rices are grown across Asia and into India, where they are used in desserts. In China, the story goes that this rice was once a delicacy reserved only for the emporer, and had the ability to boost health and lengthen your years. It’s more difficult to grow than more common rices, but surprisingly appears to be strictly the result of selective breeding by farmers going back thousands of years.

Our black rice is a great source of iron, vitamin e and antioxidants. It is also high in fiber, like brown rice, and presents a similar though more intense nutty taste. It’s texture is more along the lines of white rice though.

It’s high in a particular antoxidant. Anthocyanins are the natural pigment that colors blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, and many other plants. Depending on the pH of the plant, the pigment will tend toward red, blue, purple or black. Research has also shown positive health effects from anthocyanin consumption. So perhaps the stories of royal hoarding of this rice make sense.

Despite the name ‘black rice’ moniker, this rice will take a deep purple color once cooked. Give it about 30 minutes to cook fully, just a little longer than typical white rice.

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Ingredients: Rice