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Sushi Rice

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Sushi Rice

When many people sit down for sushi, they tend to fixate on the fish (and the toppings on the fish), but to ignore the rice is to ignore half the meal. Sushi rice brings that perfect level of stickiness to your sushi-making process. This glutinous Japanese rice is white short-grained rice with a mild, sweet flavor. Combine it with rice vinegar to give raw fish that that umami tastes it deserves.

The history and art of sushi making started in South East Asia as a way to preserve fish using fermented rice. In the beginning, the rice wasn’t consumed with Sushi. Today, sushi rice is considered a building block of modern-day sushi. Sushi is a mix of ingredients rolled with sticky sushi rice and cut into bite-sized pieces. But, sushi doesn’t refer to the fish but the process of creating sushi rice with rice wine vinegar. Sashimi, on the other hand, refers to the fish and is a “sushi” served without rice. If you are serving sushi Nigiri or Maki then you need sushi rice.

You need to wash and soak for at least half an hour to even one hour before cooking. Although the rice is already a bit sweet and sticky to begin with, after the rice is cooked, a mixture of rice vinegar, salt and sugar is added to the prepared rice to completely transform it into “sushi rice.” This process is called Sushi-meshi.

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