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Celery Salt

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Celery Salt

It may surprise you to learn that celery salt is not made from dried celery stalks but from celery seeds. The combination of table salt and ground celery seed produces a fresh, grassy seasoning that can be used in addition to or instead of plain salt. Celery salt pairs well with other Mount Hope herbs and spices such as garlic powder, paprika and coriander.

Sprinkle our celery salt onto meat and chicken alone or with other seasonings as a rub to add flavor before cooking. It adds a tantalizing fresh flavor to creamy salads like potato salad, egg salad or coleslaw and is a great alternative to plain table salt on fish, vegetables, potatoes, rice and even popcorn! Celery salt also works well in slow-cooked foods, adding a layer of flavor to soups, stews and roasted vegetables. One popular way to use this condiment is as a topping for Chicago-style hot dogs.

Don’t forget to stock your bar with a shaker of our wholesale celery salt. It brings a Bloody Mary to life and adds an unexpected twist to a salty rim.

Celery (Apium graveolens) is native to the Mediterranean Middle East. While the stalks are widely used in soups and enjoyed as a raw or cooked vegetable, the seeds are lesser known. The aroma and taste of celery seed is very similar to the fresh vegetable, and celery salt is an easy way to impart the flavor into any dish.Using celery salt as a substitute to plain table salt is a smart way to cut down on the amount of sodium in your diet. While it still contains sodium, celery salt has less sodium per serving than regular salt.

Mount hope offers celery salt in one and five pound bags, and in full cases for pit masters and other heavy users.

Ingredients: Salt, Celery Seed