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Sea Salt

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Sea Salt

Salt does more than add delicious flavor to our food, it’s a vital electrolyte that’s needed to keep our bodies functioning. Sea salt is often preferred over table salt for its depth of flavor and larger crystals which can add visual appeal as well as crunchy texture to a dish. These crystals are typically larger than those of traditional table salt, and many Mount Hope customers feel the larger size makes it easier to control the amount of salt they put on their food or into a recipe. Though it’s not always apparent to the naked eye, the crystals are somewhat flat and flaky.

The complex flavor of sea salt is attributed to its array of trace minerals. While it’s unlikely most people would be able to taste the difference between it and any other type of white salt, especially when added to food, the high mineral content of sea salt is one reason for its popularity. Our bulk wholesale salt can be interchanged with regular table or kosher salt in all your favorite recipes. Sprinkle it on cooked or raw foods just as you would regular salt.

In the past there have been misleading reports that sea salt is lower in sodium than table salt. That misconception was based on the fact that these crystals are larger and therefore don’t pack in next to each other as tightly. When measured by volume a teaspoon of them contains less sodium than a teaspoon of finer table salt cyrstals. However, all salt is sodium chloride, and when measure by weight there is no difference.

Bulk sea salt is made with minimal processing. When sea water is evaporated, either through solar or vacuum evaporation, the salt is left behind in the form of crystals. Our Mount Hope wholesale white salt has been refined to remove any impurities and is available year round.

If you’re looking to add a little more interest to a dish with your salt selection, we offer many salt varieties, incuding pink Himalayan, Hawai’ian black and Alderwood smoked.

Ingredients: Sea Salt