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Sedona Spice Blend

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Sedona Spice Blend

Sedona Spice Blend, our in-house spice blend, combines some southwest flavor essentials into a well balanced, mildly hot dry rub for meat and veggies. Cumin, garlic, onion and ancho chile powder provide the forward flavors, with coriander and paprika backing these up. A bit of salt, black pepper, and tomato powder round out the recipe.

It could also be used as a taco seasoning, with its cumin forward profile. However you choose to put it to use, we’re sure you’ll find it a delicious treatment for your dishes.

Ingredients: Sea Salt-E, Medium Black Pepper, Ground Cumin, Ground Corriander, Paprika, Ancho Chile Powder, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Tomato Powder