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Regular Rolled Oats

Not all oats are created equal. While steel-cut oats are definitely the healthiest of the bunch, regular oats, commonly called oatmeal or old-fashioned regular rolled oats, are also a smart choice.

All forms of oats begin as oat groats – the unbroken oat grain. After harvesting, the groats go throught different intensities of processing to wind up as the consumable products we know. Steel cut oats are simply toasted than chopped up, rolled oats are further handled by steaming and then rolling flat and thin (which allows them to absorb water and cook more quickly by increasing their surface area). Finally, so-called ‘instant’ oats are rolled again to make them even flatter still.

The good news is regular oats maintain most of the health benefits that steel-cut oats offer because they are not processed as far as intant oats. They contain high levels of fiber and are beneficial in lowering blood sugar levels and maintaining good cholesterol. Most importantly, regular rolled oats will keep one feeling fuller longer than the instant version.

This wholesome, chewy, hot cereal provides lasting energy and is an essential mainstay in breakfasts everywhere. Mix it up with pecan pieces and honey, fresh or dried fruit, cinnamon or brown sugar. Cook quickly on the stove, in the microwave or create overnight oats the night before. Additional ways to enjoy rolled oats is in baked goods, like muffins and cookies, or as granola sprinkled over yogurt and/or ice cream.

Ingredients: Regular Rolled Oats
Allergens: Gluten