Madras Curry

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Madras Curry

Madras Curry Powder is a favorite in spice pantries around the world. This unique blend showcases a signature, medley of premium spices, all coarsely ground to release their enticing aromas and bold, complex flavors. Much of the flavor comes from the turmeric (which brings in that yellow hue), cumin, fenugreek, and chili powder.

Madras curry does lend an ear to Indian culture, however, it is a British born spice blend and not an Indian one. While they use traditional Indian spices in the blend and the name Madras refers to a city in India, it wasn’t designed in India. Despite what some might think, the word “curry” as relating to curry powder, was invented in the 18th century by the British.

There are many different types of curries and Madras curry powder packs a little more heat than traditional curry powder. The chili powder in this blend brings the spice and a reddish hue to this powder. You can substitute regular curry powder with Madras curry powder if you don’t mind a little more heat. Vice-versa, you can substitute Madras with traditional curry powder, but don’t forget the lack of heat. If you run out of Madras, add in a spoonful of cayenne pepper to amp up the heat level.

While Madras might not be an authentic Indian powder, you can still use it in authentic Indian dishes. Madras curry goes especially well on chicken. Use it in a Jalfrezi or vindaloo recipe. Use this curry to heat a fish curry dish, or in a tikka masala.

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Ingredients: Spices, Tumeric, Salt