Vanilla is an absolute staple in most kitchens. Unfortunately, the global market continues to be in bad shape after years of low harvest yields and natural disaster.

At Mount Hope Wholesale, we’re proud to offer extremely competitive prices on our vanilla products. Market prices will be rising indefinitely, as demand and consumption continue to hold steady in the face of severely constrained supply.

We offer three high quality vanilla products. Check them out.

Madagascar Vanilla Extract

Mount Hope’s single fold Madagascar vanilla extract has the strength you need for more intense vanilla flavoring and without adding it’s own sweetness. Madagascar vanilla (or Vanilla planifolia) is a species grown mostly on Madagascar, Réunion (formerly named Île Bourbon, hence the alternate name Bourbon Vanilla), and nearby tropical areas along the Indian Ocean . A large cyclone devastated this region in 2016 after a couple years of low yield harvests, further reducing the supply of the world’s most consumed vanilla species. Our vanilla extract has no additives, and is available in two pack sizes.

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Vanilla Paste

Vanilla pastes are our most affordable vanilla products. They’re a sweet and syrupy consistency, and will imbue your dish with a potent vanilla flavor while reducing time and labor necessary to scrape the bean. If your dish requires sweet vanilla deliciousness, consider one of our pastes.

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Tahitian Vanilla Beans

If you need the pure bean, there simply is no substitute. The name ‘Tahitian’ doesn’t necessarily mean that the bean is from Tahiti, though it may be. Vanilla tahitensisem> is an orchid species that grows as a vine and whose flowers are only open for pollination for about 1 day. Unless growing in Mexico, where a very particular bee handles this pollination, the crop must be hand-pollinated. The pods then require about 9 months to develop prior to hand-picking, and another 3 months of daily movement from sun to sweatbox to fully cure. It’s a highly labor-intensive crop.

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