Almonds are among the most popular of all nuts and one of the most used products we sell. At Mount Hope Wholesale, we strive to offer exceptionally competitive prices on all our commodity nuts, and these are no exception.

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Specialty Varieties

Mount Hope offers all the staples, but before we get to that here are some unusual highlights.


The Sprouted Americona is our most unique. It’s allowed to begin the sprouting process which releases the raw nutrients stored to develop the new tree, making them much more digestible. Rather than a high temp roast that can diminish the nutritional value, this germination is ceased by low temperature drying.

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Marcona almonds are Spanish, and bear a slightly different shape than almonds typically found in the states. They also have a higher oil and moisture content, and maintain more of the wrinkled appearance after blanching. These are roasted and gently salted, resulting in an ideal snack, and an unusual looking version of one of our most popular nut varieties.

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Caramelized chopped almonds offer a fantastic crunch, with an added sweetness that perfectly enhances the natural sweetness in the nut. They look and taste great on top of ice cream or muffins, and add an unexpected element to salads or soups.

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Whole Almonds

Whole almonds are available with the skin on (natural) or off (blanched). We offer them raw, roasted, or roasted and salted. Our salted smoked almonds are amazing too, and we now offer organic whole almonds.

Cut Almonds

Almonds are exceptionally versatile, and sometimes it helps to have some of the manual labor of cutting them down taken care of for you. From finely granulated meal to paper thin slices, here’s our assortment of cut almond options.