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Tropical Fruit Mix

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Tropical Fruit Mix


Tropical fruit mix combines the perfect tastes to transport you to endless sunny days. Enjoy a blend of papaya, pineapple, apricot, mango, gold raisins, cranberries, crystallized ginger, and coconut chips when you select this tropical fruit mix. The delicious sweet flavors, and the soft texture of the fruits are perfect on their own for a quick snack.  Easily transport the mix for afternoon trips to the park or zoo, or store in your locker for an after workout snack. Combine the tropical fruit mix with granola to add fruity flavor to your morning meal, or mix with a handful of salted nuts for a salty-sweet combination that will always find its way into your lunchbox.


Packed with fiber and vitamin C, the tropical fruit mix has many uses beyond being a tasty treat on its own. Add it to bread recipes for a unique breakfast snack or dessert bread. Make muffins with the fruit mix as an alternative to single-fruit muffins and you will be surprised at the repeated requests you receive for this creation. Switch in the tropical fruit mix in chicken salad recipes, or chick pea salad recipes for vegetarians, as an alternative to dried cranberries and watch eyebrows raise as your diners discover bursts of tropical flavor.

Purchase tropical fruit mix in bulk so you have it available for snacking or to try in yogurt, on ice cream, or in tried and true family recipes. It is fun to add new fruit combinations in your favorite recipes and the tropical fruit mix provides the perfect solution. Wholesale options include 1-pound bags and 5-pound bags delivered to your door. .

Ingredients: Diced Pineapple, Diced Papaya, Sulpured Mango Slices, Coconut Chips, Sulphured Apricots, Crystalized Ginger, Cranberries, Gold Raisins