How to Choose a Wholesale Food Supply Partner

The success of any business, that sells prepared food is influenced by many things. One of those factors is the partners you choose to supply the raw ingredients you’ll use. Whether you’re running a bakery, restaurant, resort, culinary school or anything else, you’ll be relying on these wholesale food suppliers for your ingredients. The quality of the food you make will depend on your creativity, execution, planning, and the ingredients you choose. Therefore selecting reputable and credible wholesale food distributors that can provide the finest quality ingredients in a dependable and timely manner is of utmost importance.

A good and reliable wholesale food partner will try to understand your particular business and make an effort to offer you the best ingredients. There are a few things to consider when choosing a wholesale food distribution service to ensure you have fresh, flavorful, high quality material with which to realize your culinary ideas and run your business efficiently.


It takes years for any business to mature and to establish itself in the industry. The experience gained over this time will be an asset to your business too. Product knowledge, procurement, and customer service are all skills that develop with experience, so it is wise to choose a wholesale food supplier which has been successfully serving the market for many years.

Reliability & Promptness

Experience is important, but reliability is even more so. A kitchen is a busy place, and you need to be able to count on your vendors to deliver promptly and reliably. The sooner the better, so your food distributor should ship your order the same day you place it. If something is backordered, you need to know immediately, not when you open the delivery and find it missing. Good communication, prompt shipment, and predictable delivery scheduling are all critical if you want to spend your time cooking and not baby sitting your orders.

Quality Ingredients

The quality and freshness of ingredients is the most important aspect of selecting a wholesale partner. Make sure your food distributors are offering fresh top-notch quality foods. Spices loose their intensity, fruits dry out, and time takes its toll on everything else too. You want your food to spend as little time as possible on a wholesaler’s shelves to ensure the the strongest freshest flavor is still intact when you get it.

Home Grown Peanuts

The peanuts that we buy and sell are harvested by tractors on peanutĀ farms, but they can be grown right at home too. One of our employees shot this clip with his phone. His uncle, right here in the Verde Valley, thought he’d plant a few peanut plants and see what happened. They turned out great, and next year he’s planning on growing a small crop.